Custom USB Flash Drives For Photographers

Photographers rely on custom flash drives for convenient photo backup. Why not take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to leverage your brand?

Create a Thoughtful Impression That Will Last

Photographers who are looking for a superior alternative to Internet advertising to market their brand should look no further than promotional branded products. But don’t take our word for it. Check out the facts. Recent studies conducted by the Advertising Speciality Institute have shown that consumers are 2.5x more likely to be left feeling good about a brand that they encounter through a promotional product compared to internet advertising.

“I can’t think of another advertising medium that reinforces branding like a promo product,” says Nate Kucsma, the director of research and corporate marketing at the Advertising Speciality Institute. “How long does a TV commercial last – 30 seconds? What about a newspaper or magazine ad – five seconds? Even when you compare this to writing instruments, which are kept the least amount of time at six months, the comparison is laughable”.

 Cost Per Impression is less than a cent for Branded USB Flash Drives

The use of promotional products also provides an ingenious way to ensure the effectiveness of other types of ad campaigns. For instance, reports that not only did 85% of consumers choose to do business with the advertiser after being given a promotional product but also that the use of branded promotional products will increase the effectiveness of other media campaigns by up to 44%.

So what is one of the best ways for photographers to leverage their name? Providing clients with custom flash drives for photos is the perfect way for photographers to gain exposure for their brand and provide a heartfelt touch all in one. It’s a win-win.

Custom Wood USB Flash Drives For Photographers

Wedding Photography and Beyond

When it comes to USB flash drives for photographers, there is one particular event that readily comes to mind, and that is weddings.

Just think about it. Weddings are already generally considered a great gig for photographers to land. These types of events tend to bring in good revenues and drum up extra referrals since the photos are obviously likely to be passed around and shared. Why not maximize on this already existing potential by providing your clients with custom flash drives for photos? Branded USB boxes for photographers provide an elegant way to market your brand and that doubles as a wedding thoughtful gift all in one.

Not only will the happily married couple appreciate the professional gesture of providing an easily accessible photo backup, but they can easily take this handy device with them wherever they go so they can show their photos to anybody, anywhere without having to drag around the physical copies or worry about having an active internet connection. All they need is a USB port, and they are all set to show off and share their gorgeous photos of the big day on the fly, while you gain tons of favorable exposure for your brand. It’s that simple. Since USB flash drives double as a tasteful gift, and a functional and highly affordable marketing device all in one, there is no reason for wedding photographers to not take advantage of this highly tactful promotional device.

Nobody said that custom USB flash drives for photographers have to stop at weddings though. Photographers can use custom flash drives for photos and USB boxes for photographers as their trademark calling card almost for almost any type of job.

Graduation photos, publicity shots, landscapes, professional business photos, you name it. There are very few types of clients who won’t appreciate receiving such a thoughtful, not to mention useful gift in addition to their services. The use of branded USB packaging for photographers will ensure a unique signature that is bound to leave a positive sentiment.

Custom Message in a Bottle USB Flash Drives

Why Custom USB Flash Drives for Photographers Make for the Perfect Keepsake

One of the greatest things about custom flash drives for photos and other purposes is that they are just so practical. They are the type of thing that never hurts to have around, and almost always ends up coming in handy. Not only do they not require an internet connection in order to use, but they provide an extra, highly portable way to backup important photos, files, documents, and even applications. They can even be integrated with a computer to provide extra security or used with new car technology to literally access almost any kind of media on the go.

This is why people are likely to carry them around with them wherever they are. They are the type of thing that people just love to have on hand. They are lightweight, durable and highly customizable. In fact, some people even hold on to them simply because they make such a great collector's item. The fact that they can be so readily customized for such an affordable price tag means that USB flash drives for photographers provide a unique opportunity to design a highly dynamic brand image that will leave a lasting impression.

Even better, custom flash drives for photos are the type of thing that people won’t hesitate to mention and show off to their friends, family, and anybody looking for a referral. Indeed, almost half of consumers will hold onto a custom USB drive for over 2 years, and once again, nearly half will give away a custom flash drive if they don’t want it. What does this mean in terms of exposure? Well, every branded USB drive that costs $5 will generate about 700 impressions in its lifetime. That is a lot of cost-effective brand exposure for just a little bit of money.

Custom Wood Packaging For USB Flash Drives

Let’s Get Started

If you don’t know where to start when it comes to creating the perfect USB boxes for photographers, we are here to make it easy.

These pre-designed drives provide an easy and affordable jumping off point to creating a unique branded product that is truly your own. With our pre-designed formats, you only have to order 25 units to get started, but the more you order, the more you save.

1. Wooden Flash Drives

Wooden flash drives are where practical technology meets timeless elegance. This style of flash drive is one of the number one wedding photographer must-haves, and for good reason. Not only are these highly affordable pieces lovely on their own, but they tend to pair seamlessly with the USB boxes for photographers that will really bring the whole thing together.

For a tasteful minimalist look that works for almost any occasion, try pairing the popular Berkley Wooden USB with a customized sliding wood box or check out this super cute message in a bottle USB that is bound to be a surefire conversation starter. For a classy minimalist look, the Eco USB Flash Drive in Natural will make a great impression on an environmentally conscious millennial audience.

2. Swivel Top USBs

Capless USBs like the popular Twist model are not only all around best sellers but one of the best USB flash drive choices for photographers.

They are not only high quality but their minimalist and tasteful design ensure that they look lovely on their own or paired with USB packaging for photographers. Even better, they are incredibly affordable, not to mention you can get 24-hour rush delivery for those last minute gigs!

3. Card Style USBs

Card style USBs are designed to look like credit cards and provide a large surface perfect for custom branded images and logos to really make a tasteful splash.

The Click Card USB brings together custom flash drives for photos and USB packaging for photographers all into one highly durable and portable package. Everyone will appreciate how easy it is to carry this versatile USB card around in their wallet wherever they go, and the functional design helps to ensure that it never gets lost or misplaced. The fact that this one is designed to be taken on the go means lots of free exposure for your business.

Promo USB's Are Kept Over 13 Months

Want to really get creative? Why not design and create custom flash drives for photos that are truly unique to your brand. We give you the power to bring to life any shape you can dream up, and this is the perfect way for photographers to show off their creative chops.

Keep in mind that our online ordering system makes it easy to create a branded product that truly reflects your company, and whatever you design needs, we are here to make it happen, so don’t hesitate to reach out with your questions.Expect the process to take about 5 days for a standard order, and 15-20 for custom USB options.

Be sure to check out our 2019 Custom Flash Drive Buyer’s Guide to learn about all of the customizable options that you can choose from to truly make this affordable and practical promotional product your own.