Best Promotional Flash Drives for 2020

With everyone in in the cloud, why are USB Drives are omnipresent at every office supply and convenience store in 2020? Short answer: convenience and reliability. How can your marketing team take advantage of this?

If you’re looking for a way to expand the reach of your brand in a new and interesting way, personalized promotional USB drives have the power to do just that. Flash drive promotional items are better than just a business card. They’re a great way to give your potential customers something that they’ll actually want to keep. It would be hard not to —after all, they’d be looking at your company name and/or logo with every use!

Promotional Flash Drives Infographic

Promotional USB drives are great for any networking event or job fair. They’re also a great way to show customers and employees alike that you appreciate their part in making your business successful. Ordering is easy: promotional drives can be personalized and delivered to your business within 1 business week. They can be purchased at wholesale prices, so you’ll save more when you buy more.

There’s no denying it, flash drive promotional items are a great idea. But it can be difficult to find a style of promotional USB that suits your brand, all while being convenient for your customers to use. If you’re thinking about ordering flash drive promotional items but are unsure what to pick, here’s a list of the trendiest promotional flash drives that businesses are taking advantage of. These custom promotional flash drives are crowd-pleasing best sellers that encompass ergonomic design, pleasing aesthetics, longevity, and functionality.

Classic USB Flash Drive

The Classic USB Drive is a traditional favorite. These promotional USB sticks are sleek rectangular USBs with caps. You can connect one to your keychain via the convenient loop at its bottom. This promotional USB allows its buyer to utilize a great amount of surface area to display a wide array of logotypes. This USB comes in 9 different colors, ranging from sleek blacks and silvers to eye-popping reds, blues, and yellows. The classic USB drive also has a wide range of storage options, from 64MB to 256GB.

Twist USB Flash Drives

You don’t have to worry about losing any caps with this flash drive. The twist USB comes with a built-in metal frame that swivels 360 degrees around its base, allowing for capped protection from dust particles. You can also use it as a fidget toy. The built-in frame may leave less logo space than the classic USB, but metal means that you have the option to engrave a logo instead of print one, making for an all-around more expensive look. Just like it’s big brother, the classic, the twist USB also has 12 color options and a 64MB to 256GB storage range.


Custom Twist USB Flash Drives


On USB Flash Drives

This flash drive works similarly to the Twist, in that it is capless and has a 360-degree rotating shell. The biggest difference that separates the two is that the On flash drive has a larger area to maximize space for your logo. This flash drive also comes with a ring on its metal shell for attachment to a lanyard or keychain.


Compact USB Flash Drive

Compact USB Flash Drive

Similar to the classic, the compact USB drive is a shorter version of a traditional rectangular USB stick. Made of smooth, durable plastic, promotional USB is easy to grip and will survive a loose ride in any purse or bag. Its rounded edges make it stylish and its included loop enables you to hang it on a keychain or lanyard.

Click USB Flash Drive

A flash drive in disguise. This flash drive takes the shape of a credit card, so you can fit it in your wallet. Having a flash drive like this enables you to take it anywhere without forgetting it in your pocket from yesterday, or the bag that you decided to leave at home. This USB drive is an incredible alternative to a business card; you can take advantage of this USB card’s large imprint area for not only your brand logo but your number and email as well. This card comes in both black and white, although there is an option for cull-card custom printing available. The Click USB drive also has a maximum 64GB capacity, making it an incredibly useful mobile tool. You’ll have your clients carrying your logo everywhere.

Key USB Flash Drive

Custom Key USB Flash DriveThe flash drive shaped like a key! This flash drive’s sleek and disguising design will fit in with any key set. This is the perfect flash drive to store important information on. You’ll never forget it, so long as you need to lock your door and/or start your car. People will be sure to notice this interesting key-shaped drive, etched with your company logo. It will surely lead clients to have some very interesting conversations about your brand. This metallic flash drive comes in 5 color options, including black, silver, bronze, red, and blue.

Alum USB Flash Drive

A simple brushed metal flash drive to fit the look of any modern business. This flash drive is chic and minimalist — handing out this drive with your brand name on it will tell show clients that you’re serious about your work, but you also know how to keep up with the times. This flash drive comes in 3 finishes: polished silver, matte silver, and gold. If style is important to your brand, the Alum flash drive is a must-have for your office or studio.

Elegant USB Flash Drive

USB Pen Drive

This flash drive USB pen is so beautiful, it’s almost too nice to give away. This flash drive comes as an elegant pen set with maple, rosewood or chrome. The USB is hidden in the pen’s cap and has a maximum 32GB capacity. Engrave your business logo to the base of this pen and give it to a special customer or employee to show your appreciation.

Carver USB Flash Drive

This flash drive is a wooden work of art. The Carver USB is a wooden flash drive with a cap tied permanently to its body with a necklace attachment. The size of the necklace can be adjusted via a slipknot mechanism. This flash drive is perfect for business owners who strive for showing authenticity and warmth in their brand. Carver comes in maple, bamboo, walnut, and redwood finishes.

Eco USB Flash Drive

In today's day and age, climate change is a huge concern. If your business supports the use of eco-friendly practices in an effort to help protect the environment, the Eco USB flash drive is for you. This flash drive is made out of cork—a material that can be extracted without harming the tree that it comes from. If sustainability is a huge part of your marketing campaign, this flash drive makes a great conversation starter.

Lanyard USB Flash Drive

Custom Lanyard USB Flash Drive

The Lanyard USB flash drive is a great way to incorporate an easily carried USB device that your staff will never forget at home. This lanyard incorporates a USB flash drive into its buckle so that you can carry important electronic files along with your employee ID card. The Lanyard USB drive ensures that your employees will have their files no matter where they are in the office.

Wristband USB Flash Drive

The Wristband USB Flash Drive is made of durable plastic and fits comfortably on any wrist. This is the perfect item for business professionals working in health and fitness or the ever-trendy and utility-driven tech industry. The Wristband is not just a practical data storage device, it’s a style statement — branded tech that your employees will be excited to wear. 

These bracelets have a 6-inch imprint area, making it an optimal product for getting creative with your branding. The Wristband comes in a bunch in different color options — buy a few different colors for your staff to choose from, or pick the one that fits your business brand the best.

Custom Shaped Flash Drives

If you’re looking to show your clients that you belong to a brand that knows how to have fun, then custom shaped flash drives are promotional items are for you. Custom promotional drives are a great way to elevate your branding. You can be as specific as you need to be. These flash drives can be 2D or 3D and can be made to resemble anything: your products, logo, your storefront, your delivery truck… the list goes on.

Custom Shaped USB Flash Drives

These USB drives are custom made and can take 15 to 20 days depending on the complexity of their design. If you aren’t in a rush, these drives are worth the wait. Custom USB drives are the ultimate way to make a lasting impression with your customer base.

Did any of these flash drives catch your eye? Are you interested in using promotional flash drives for creative, out-of-the-box marketing? Get a quote today on quantities of your favorite drive. Still not sure what type of USB drive would suit your business the best? Talk to a specialist for an expert opinion.